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Welcome Philiphines goverment choose S9 solar street light

GRAPE S9 Solar street light Project in Philippine

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The S9 Solar street light from GRAPE will lightened in the evenings, which break the darkness of the night. They not only make the city’s night more beautiful, but also provide the reliable and green lighting source for the residents.

The S9 Solar street light from GRAPE was integrated the resource system(Solar) with the LED lighting system(energy-saving) effectively, make it keep the advantage of energy-saving and environment protection, and it can be light-operated and time-controlled. This great example comes from green, low carbon combining with modern intelligent lighting, the functional characteristics lead the direction of 21century’s industries with energy-saving and environment concept, and comply with the current idea of environment protection, recycle economy and sustainable development, it is great significance in beautifying environment and energy saving.

GRAPE S9 Solar street light advantages:
1. Achieve ultra brightness/luminance by using original Philips Lumileds LED and Cree LED; energy-saving over 80%; good options to replace the sodium street lamps and other conventional lamps.
2. Outstanding economic benefit: low power consumption; no maintenance cost; long life (more than 50,000hrs).
3. Unique optical design & rectangular beam, suitable for roadway illumination.
4. Special modular design for the LENS (independent modules) and isolated power supply, easy for maintenance.
5. Universal input voltage: 85-300V AC.
6. Light control and time-phased dimming, further achieve energy saving.
7. High quality power supply (NS semiconductor and Japan Rubicon capacitor), reliable and stable; automatically reduce current against overheating working temperature.
8. Intelligent functions and special option available: Temperature controlling, Time controlling by programming power supply IC, Light controlling by adding light sensors, automatically switch ON/OFF; adjustable mounting base addable; connection to remote control system available;  customized solution available.
9. UL certification for some models; CE & RoHs for all models.

Now, S9 Solar street light projects have check and accept successful. We use sustainable resources solar in this project, which is high efficiency, environmental, energy saving and long life-span. We adopt one pole with two lamps design, one lamp is large one 240W, the other one is much smaller, say 60W, in this system, we also input the time control and light control digital system, we saved both manual labour and material resources in this project, and we produce the best possible results of the local weather, which is sufficient sunlight in summer, sufficient wind in winter. After all the installation work done, we checked all the conditions, customer give us a big praise for the obvious energy saving.

This S9 Solar street light project get a very good effect for other cities, customer told us, if there is more lighting project, we will keep using the solar system, save more energy for our children. GRAPE solar system not only lighten give a good effect on southwest of China, but gave the whole country a good promotion. We made a solid step for the state for energy conservation, emissions reduction and low carbon environmental protection. See more details at our website:


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